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Unicorns Day Dream
Unicorns Day Dream

Unicorns Day Dream

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Any little girl will love this magical themed beauty! Learn with our step by step illustrated instructions, how to easily create something you'll be so proud to show off. 

For your convenience, we offer next day Monday through Friday delivery. 

This kit comes with...

  • Detailed instruction brochure
  • 3 layers of moist sponge cake
  • Flavoured buttercream to fill
  • Pastel blue & white buttercream to cover
  • Unicorn Tickle Sprinkles Mix
  • Gold glitter stars to dust
  • Non-edible paper rainbow, ready to place on top
  • Edible Unicorn, pre-cut out & ready to apply
  • Cake board
  • An eco-friendly piping bag

To decorate this cake like a pro, you will need the following. If you don't have them already, you can find what you need on our 'Tools' page. They are a once-off purchase, which is why we don't include them in every kit.

  • Turn Table
  • 6" cake spatula
  • 6" cake scraper
  • Round piping nozzle #2A
  • Star piping nozzle #1M

You will also need the following basics from your kitchen...

  • Cake mixer
  • small bowl
  • Large baking/serving tray
  • Wooden Spoon
  • Scissors
  • Spatula