Perth Cake Kits

Welcome To Our Bakery

Firstly welcome and thank you for visiting our little bakery!

Launching a business is a daunting endeavor and does not happen overnight, we appreciate your patience while we try and build our brand and footprint in the Perth Celebration Cake market.

Just about anyone can build and launch a website but launching a very real business takes dedication, time and a lot of work across many fields by many people.

Ezy Cakitz Bakery has been an evolution and is only just now starting to become a reality. While we are physically up and running, ready to pack up deliciousness and send it straight to your door, there is still much work to be done behind the scenes. 

So as we endeavor to get our heads around marketing and promotions we would like all of you to be forward with us about any questions you may have. Whether they are about our kits or just general decorating and cake questions, we are here to help so don't be shy Perth.

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