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First time Decorator

First time Mum and cake decorator Leeata, pictured here holding the cake she made herself for her daughter's 3rd birthday.

Perth Cake kit Success

Leeata was very nervous about doing the decorating herself having never attempted it before, and like most Mum's, wanted everything to be perfect for her beautiful little girl's special day.

Cake decorating Kit Cake decorating

As we recommend to all our first-time decorators, and so advised Leeata, she would find it so much easier, enjoyable and get a fantastic result if she purchased our 'Essential Tools Kit'. So she did and boy was she happy with her results!

Crumb Coat Cake Sprinkles

Just a few simple steps to follow and in about an hour Leeata had decorated her first cake. Now along the way she admits to having her doubts that it was going to come together but as with any artwork, don't judge it until it finished.

Piping Roasettes White cake with blue sprinkles

The final stage of decoration was to add the edible decorations which needed to be done on the day of the party. The party and the cake were a big hit and this is one Mum who is excited to do it again!

If you are like Leeata and think 'there's no way mine would look that good', honestly you will do better than you think. The reason we send out pre-baked layers of cake and ready to use buttercream is, if those foundations are done correctly then you greatly increase your chances for success. Want straight edges and a smooth finish, then you need our essential tool kit. Cared for properly, the tools will last you a lifetime of use. Because it's not something you'll use every week, why not go halves in a set to share with a friend or 2.

Still, feel like you need a little help doing your first cake? Send us an email when you've bought your kit and we can set up a video call the day you decorate your cake and walk you through the steps as you do it. Or for an additional fee, we can even organize a home visit giving you a one on one lesson with our resident Pastry Chef and Cake Decorator Extrordonair. 

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