Perth Cake Kits

Operating During COVID-19

No one is unaffected by this, we are all having to change and adapt in some way, some significantly more than others. Even when life can return to some kind of normality, it is going to be a very long road to recover from the devastation this virus is causing.  

Support Local Small Business

As for Ezy Cakitz Bakery, we will continue to deliver our amazing kits all over Perth for as long as we possibly can. You can still celebrate if you have a birthday coming up and our kits are a really fun activity for your family to pass the time. While our cakes do feed 24-36 and it's unlikely anyone will be feeding that many people in isolation, the leftovers can be cut down and frozen. This will eliminate waste and allow you to keep eating the leftovers for weeks and months to come. Our cakes are so delicious, the only complaints you get are when you run out LOL!

Whether we can continue to provide our service depends on so many things that are out of our control. Such as being able to source all the ingredients for our kits, flour, eggs, milk, butter, etc. If the disgraceful and unnecessary panic buying around Perth continues and we are unable to buy the ingredients then we will be forced to close. So for the sake of everyone struggling through these crazy times, Please Perth, stop it! 

Some of my supplies are over east, and some of those rely on ingredients from America and the UK. So if more drastic measures are needed and my suppliers can't source their ingredients, we will need to be significantly reduced or change our current business model. Please be patient with us as we endeavor to change and adjust what we must to keep our business running for you.  

Pick Pack

Provided we can continue to source what we need, our ability to safely produce your kits is the easy part. Being a small family run home business with no children, our exposure to the virus is minimal. We have a brand new separate kitchen and storage area dedicated to the business. Our hygiene is always of the highest standard having worked in professional kitchens for over 20years, we know exactly what is required to operate safely.  The quality of our product and your health is our number one priority.

For your peace of mind, please know that all our ingredients are stored in airtight containers or have been heat-sealed to keep them fresh and free of contaminants in between use. The sprinkles and edible decorations have been pre-packaged and heat sealed for freshness. Our cakes are baked, cool, bagged, heat-sealed and frozen (if not being shipped that day) to maximize freshness and eliminate contamination. We only bake when we have orders to fill, we do not keep a freezer full of cake ready to go.   

In short, it is safe to order our kits and let's face it if you're in isolation they are a pretty fun way for the family to pass the time. So please continue to support small businesses like ours if you can and we will be here for you for as long as we can!


Stay well, be safe and let's all be kind to each other during these trying times.

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